Health Care Data Archiving - FAQs

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is your team familiar with the special requirements for handling and securing PHI under HIPPA?

A: Yes, C.L. Carter professionals have a wide range of past experience working with major hospital corporations and projects specifically handling PHI. We often recertify at the customers request to ensure staff remains consistent and compliant with HIPPA regulations.

Q: How does your team access and work with our systems to accomplish the project goals?

A: Typically C.L. Carter DBA's and Data Analysts access customer systems via encrypted virtual private networks (VPN). Credentials are created, provided and controlled by the customer. PHI never leaves the customers protected network environment. If suitable VPN technology does not exist C.L. Carter can assist with low cost HIPPA compliant SecureLink VPN software.

Q: What are the general costs for ETL services and projects?

A: Costs can vary quite a bit due to varying size and scope of any ETL or data support project. We provide range quotes on request after a brief conference and Q/A regarding the candidate environment and system. Range quotes are then adjusted after technical consultation with the customer.

Q: How long does a project take?

A: For a simple data extraction project it can take as little as two to three weeks once we have the necessary access. This can vary some based upon the size and scope of the project and other technical factors which are generally covered on the technical calls with the customer before the project starts.


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