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  The C.L. Carter Co. provides information technology services to businesses. In today's connected world, information technology is no longer an option if your business is to remain competitive. We understand the imperitive nature of information systems and their criticality to succeeding in business.

While we can provide competent, qualified technologists for your project, we are not primarily a technology staffing firm. The owner and principles are actual veteran technologists and software designers with over 30 years experience in the industry. 

  "Outsourcing makes sense for many small to medium sized businesses", President and founder Chris Carter says. "The cost and complexity of maintaining large internal (IT) departments drives the cost of ownership beyond what many small and medium sized businesses can justify. We provide those services required to keep our customers up and running in the most efficient way possible.


  This helps them control costs while maintaining trust and reliability in their information technology. Large businesses often need additional expertise for special projects ranging from weeks to months or even a full year or more. We work to supplement those requirements as a strategic partner, contributing to the overall success of our customers."


Outsourcing your information technology can be part of a flexible staffing plan which then supplements the skills and expertise of your full-time workforce. This protects the jobs of current employees and allows managers to "ramp up" only for projects as needed thus reducing overall labor costs.


 Your company can benefit from the strategic use of IT project professionals if you have some or all of the following:

  • High staff turnover.
  • Deadlines are being missed.
  • Project quality is suffering and needs to get back "on track".
  • Employee morale low related to delivery timelines.
  • Employee's skill sets do not meet new project requirements but your budget will not allow additional full-time staff.
  • You have immediate project needs requiring technology but no time to retrain to meet deadlines.


  Call us today and ask for a free on-site evaluation and consultation. A knowledgeable friendly representative will be happy to assist you. Call 615.369.9022 in Franklin, TN.


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